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Production Address: 24 High St, Bristol BS11 0DL, UK

Contact: 07725947738

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Ingredients & Allergens 

Early Beginnings


Biltong is a 400 year old tradition and this is our take on this ‘special’ meat product from South Africa. The word comes from Dutch with ‘BIL’ meaning buttock and ‘TONG’ meaning strip. It has been produced and eaten for hundreds of years yet it is still enjoyed by many South Africans and remains very much a part of the country’s heritage.  Everyone's take on this traditional product is different and our secret recipes have been developed with you in mind. We can ensure your Biltong is cut and dried to your taste to ensure your full enjoyment.


We are a Bristol based South African Snack supplier of Wholesale Biltong, Droewors and Bites/Stokkies.  The original company was started a couple of years ago by our family friends who had moved to the UK. Following many months of tapping into their wisdom and with the secret family recipes we are now able to provide our quality products to all at wholesale prices.


Our products have recently been recognised by a major distributor of South African products here in Bristol which gives us the confidence, knowing our fantastic product is being enjoyed across our beautiful city.